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HeatingWhen determining your heating needs, it is crucial to first calculate the building heat load of the structure in question. Building heat load refers to the rate of heat loss expected in a building, measured in BTU’s.

Design Heat Load: Rate at which heat is lost from the building in BTU’s per hour on the coldest night when the exterior temperature is at the design minimum temperature (DMT) for that particular location.

Annual Heat Load: Total heat loss in BTU over the entire heating season (annually). This can later be used to estimate the annual heating bill in dollars.

To calculate heat load, you take the area / sq. ft. of wall or ceiling space and divide it by the R-value (1/U-value). The U-Value being the rate at which a unit conducts non-solar heat flow in Btu/hr-ft^2-F (degrees). With this data and the amount of fuel used, it is possible to calculate the Design Heat Load and Annual Heat Load.

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