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featured-air-conditioningYou rely on your air conditioner to keep your home or business comfortable when temperatures soar. If there's ever a problem that needs repairing or replacing, trust in the fact that you can turn to the professional, technical expertise of Louisville Mechanical's air conditioning technicians to make sure the job is done right!

Different types of air conditioners and how they function to cool an area:

  • Evaporative Cooler: Hot, dry air blown thorough a water soaked pad emerges as humid, but much cooler, air.
  • Room Air Conditioners: A thermostat senses that cooling is needed, refrigerant cycles to the compressor, then warm room air is drawn through the evaporator cools and returns to the room, then the liquid refrigerant flows through an expansion valve into the evaporator.
  • Central Air Conditioners: Supply duct takes the air from condenser into evaporator coil and heat exchanger.

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